Project Management Consulting and Delivery Experts

Project Management Consulting and Delivery Experts

Project Management Consulting and Delivery ExpertsProject Management Consulting and Delivery Experts


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AF Consultant Quiz

Do you have the "Factor"?

1.  At this stage in your professional career, which best describes you?*

  • I am looking for a new challenge.
  •  love project management and want to continue to get better at my craft.
  • I’m in between jobs right now so I’m open to consulting.

2.  Which statement best describes how you feel about work?

  • I am confident in my abilities.
  • What’s most important to me is job security.
  • I enjoy variety in my work.

3.  How would you describe your work style?

  • I prefer to concentrate on the task at hand and work alone.
  • I enjoy working with lots of different types of people in a collaborative way.
  • I enjoy a combination of working independently and collaborating with people.

4.  What travel expectations do you have about a consulting career?

  • I’m looking forward to lots of time traveling to see new places and have lots of new experiences.
  • I want a variety of projects to work on but I don’t want to travel too much.
  • I’m open to traveling some if it’s needed for the project.

5. With regard to consulting, which statement is most true?

  • I have done consulting before and I am interested in consulting again.
  • I have never done consulting before but I’m interested in learning more.
  • I don’t have a full-time job now so I’m open to consulting as an interim option.

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